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Short Stack: Podcast Episodes 1-7

Short Stack: Podcast Episodes 1-7

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Episode 1: Intro

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Episode 2: Why Civic Syrup? Why Now?

Brandy & Tenly set the stage for Civic Syrup. Like and follow us! You can even click on "Following" and select "See First" so you never miss an action item.


Episode 3: Colorado Common Cause

We speak with Elena Nunez of Colorado Common Cause about voting in Colorado. Takeaway: Everyone has power in democracy.


Episode 4: Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition

Julie Reiskin informs us of the legislative priorities of CCDC during the 2017 session. Takeaway: Get out of the "other" mindset. Be truly inclusive.


Episode 5: The Turing School (SoundCloud only at the moment)

Jorge Tellez shares his voice as a working non-citizen contributing to Colorado's economy and education. He offers my favorite takeaway: Try to be kind. It is powerful to show you care! He mentions this Parable of Polygons interactive website during our interview. Check it out!


Episode 6: Conservation Colorado

Jessica Goad speaks with us about the intersection between conservation and other priorities, including the economy and civic engagement. Takeaway: Use the phrase, "I care about the environment" in your daily conversations.


Episode 7: Nancy Leong

Nancy takes a break from teaching constitutional law at the University of Denver and Washington University in Saint Louis to share her expertise on current events, civil rights and race issues in Colorado. Takeaway: Keep showing up.


There Are Colorado Elections in 2017

There Are Colorado Elections in 2017

Ten Civic Engagement Actions

Ten Civic Engagement Actions