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What's Up in 2018, Part 2: Senate Seats for Action

What's Up in 2018, Part 2: Senate Seats for Action

Set your sights on seven senate seats in Colorado for 2018. Here is the voter registration breakdown (data from Capitol Watch - totals may not add up to 100% due to rounding) for seven seats that are up in 2018:

District 5, currently held by Sen. Donovan: 30% D, 34% R, 35% Unaffiliated

District 11, currently held by Sen. Merrifield: 35% D, 31% R, 34% Unaffiliated

District 13, currently held by Sen. Cooke: 28% D, 38% R, 34% Unaffiliated

District 16, currently held by Sen. Neville: 31% D, 36% R, 33% Unaffiliated

District 20, currently held by Sen. Jahn: 32% D, 35% R, 32% Unaffiliated

District 22, currently held by Sen. Kerr: 34% D, 34% R, 32% Unaffiliated

District 24, currently held by Sen. Martinez-Humenik: 34% D, 31% R, 34% Unaffiliated

As you know from our previous post about 2018, there are seventeen senate seats open in 2018. For the purpose of this post, however, seats that have either party percentage higher than 40% are not listed.

Notably, three of the seats above are held by a candidate from the party that does not have the highest percentage representation. These are Sens. Donovan (D), Jahn (D), and Martinez-Humenik (R). Of these three, only Cheri Jahn faces term limits.

Please be aware that these numbers can be deceiving, especially due to the high percentage of unaffiliated voters in all districts. Historically, in some districts, unaffiliated voters could be expected to vote for one party or the other (or not at all) depending on the individual district's demographics, political culture, and the candidates seeking the seat. However, we are at a moment in history when it is worthwhile to look at statistics with fresh eyes and zero assumptions - which is a big part of why Civic Syrup exists. We are here not only for you, but with you. We are learning and asking questions along with our fellow Coloradans.

What next? First, verify your own district. If you live in one of these districts, you have the power of your own vote and you can talk to your neighbors and other local communities. If you do not live in any of these districts, you can still watch the campaigns and donate or volunteer accordingly. Consider if you have friends in any of these districts, and talk to them about following the race and voting in 2018.

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