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Short Stack: Podcast Episodes 8-12

Short Stack: Podcast Episodes 8-12

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Episode 8: Representative Jim Wilson

We sat down with sitting State House Representative Jim Wilson to discuss a variety of issues, from the "combination" lock it takes to make legislation into law to arts in education.     

Takeaway: Legislators are people too. Communicate accordingly.

Episode 9: Hilda Nucete of Protegete & Conservation Colorado

Hilda speaks with us about Protege's latino engagement program and the 4/29/17 Citizen's Climate March. She shared her inspiring story about finding her voice and facilitating change.

Takeaway: Get involved, especially if you are young! Volunteer, no matter your age.

Episode 10: Aubrey Boggs of Colorado Mental Wellness Network

Aubrey Boggs discusses the passion driving peer-driven advocacy. Check out upcoming events, the CMWN Facebook page, Art of Wellness Registration, Mental Health Equality in the Workplace campaign, and blog including calls to action.

Takeaway: Talk about mental health, fight stigma, ask questions, and offer help without taking over.

Episode 11: Mike Davies of Denver Green Forum

Hear about the panelists for the 6/1/17 Denver Green Forum and get some tips for "going green."

Takeaway: You can dovetail your business interests with activism. Issues that inspire passion bring people together.

Episode 12: Daniel Kowalski of and Todd Pickton

In our first ever podcast with two guests, service-minded citizen and United States Army veteran Todd Pickton consults immigration lawyer Dan Kowalski about supporting immigrant and refugee populations. We appreciate Dan's expertise and wealth of knowledge in this podcast as much as we appreciate Todd's curiosity, engagement, humility, and honesty about his concerns and hopes. Dan provided a wealth of resources for Todd and all of our listeners, listed below.

Takeaway: There is nothing to be afraid of.

Special thanks to James Cline for original music from his album True Elf Beauties, featured on all of our podcasts!

Civic Stories

Civic Stories

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